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The possibilities in this life are truly limitless

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About Sherry

I believe that the possibilities in this life are truly limitless, and that the best life comes from becoming the best version of you. I use a unique set of tools and modalities specific to the needs and goals of each individual or couple, guiding them to become the best version of themselves or their relationship. 


Upcoming Workshops:

May 17th - 19th - Hypno Expo 2024

Orlando, Florida

Saturday May 18th Luncheon Lecture - Helping our clients heal the aftermath of emotionally immature parents - Luncheon lecture

Fri. May 17th  4pm Lecture – Self Criticism V. Self Accountability

Sun. May 19th 10am Workshop – Finding Your Harmony & Healing in a Shit Storm

July 19 - 21st - HypnoThoughts Live 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunday, July 21st 5:00 pm I hour lecture - Developing Trust & Resilience When the World Seems Scary

June 1st 10:00 – 1:00 pm - ACHE 3 Hour Webinar


Increasing a client's oxytocin levels using hypnotherapy & mindset change

A Potential solution for anxiety & depression

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